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Video Specialist

Aesha Goodwin

Helping entertainment driven brands tell their stories through video!


Hi, I'm Aesha! Your Video Specialist!

When I was a kid I loved telling stories.

I had this gift of being able to look at the world upside down and it creatively influenced my imagination.


I would host these awesome plays for my family during the holidays that I would write, direct and star in (along with my unwilling siblings). I'd even put together our costumes, which usually consisted of toy lightsabers and pajama robes. 

As I got into my teen years, I formed a love for movies, television shows, and trailers. The visual stories I found in the three categories infatuated me enough to dive deeper into the field by studying Film and Television Production at Western Carolina University. Go Catamounts!

It was there in those North Carolina mountains, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, that I learned the fundamentals of how to craft and develop a visual story from the ideation phase all the way into the post production phase. 

From childhood into my adult years my drive has been being able to tell the stories I've adored watching throughout the years. And getting a chance to work for companies such as CBS, NASCAR, The Carolina Panthers, and many more, have shaped me into the Video Specialist I am today.

In being a Video Specialist I'm able to help brands create and influence narratives through the stories they want told by tapping into the same imagination I used as a child and aligning that with my years of experience in the field.

How Can I Help You?

From strategic storytelling and creative directing in the pre-production phase. To pulling the final pieces together in the editorial stage, my mission is to help entertainment driven brands develop their stories into the perfect videos!

Sounds simple enough, right? You'd be surprised at how many people struggle to translate their brand and messaging into a video format.


But don't worry, I've got you.


Consider me the honey that sweetens the tea, the salt that brings out the flavor of a dish, and the light from a candle during a power outage. You may not know it yet, but I am essential to helping you bring your story to life!

Post Production in Process

Let's Get Your Story Told

What are you waiting for?

Check out some of my favorite projects


House of Athlete

I am athlete is a sports round table series about retired ballers revisiting their days on the field, with weekly guest stars that keep the conversation interesting. Here is the episode I edited about Antrel Rolle.


Blavity Inc.

Rewind the scene is a series I worked on, that takes actors back through some of the best scenes through their movie or television series. This episode is from J. Alphonse recapping P-Valley.


Carolina Panthers

Unmasked was one of the first series I ever co-edited. It entails the inner workings of an NFL team in the heat of change in a pressure filled off-season. 

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