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Everyone Has A Story
What's Yours?


Let's figure out what your needs are. Check out my service options below!

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With great content comes great responsibility...

So trust me when I can trust me with the responsibility of your story!

Standard: Video Editor


Equipped with all of the tools I need to turn your vision into reality, this standard plan helps you to execute the vision you've already fleshed out. If you've got the footage, then I've got the tools to bring your final picture together.


Deluxe: Video Strategist

Figuring out where to start with video content can be daunting. In this Deluxe plan I'll get you started by understanding what your goal is as a brand when it comes to video production. I'll position you into strategic video messaging, narrative building, scripting and other resources that will help you to have a sustainable video content strategy.


Unlimited: Video Specialist

The unlimited plan is how it sounds. Unlimited. This complete package offers my services from the ideation phase all the way into the execution phase. Meaning that, not only do I help you formulate why and how you're going to build video content, but I'll also assist in building the content. 


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Discovery Call

For pricing, questions, and other inquiries

Every brand is different and no two stories are alike. I want to help you find exactly what you're looking for as it concerns your unique brand. Fill in your information on the Contact page and let's set up time to talk about how I can help your story come to life.

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